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Fri Jan 22 17:01:37 CET 1999

* THEKn0TiS at
| when in pattern play mode (actually all modes when i get it past the 4th
| pattern in the first pattern group it speeds up considerably can any one help
| me out it just started today

In addition to controlling the tempo using the `Tempo' button, the
TR-606 has four different `time modes' (or `speed modes', if you
like); this is to make it easy to switch between double and half-time
grooves, I guess. The lever marked `scale' above the 16 small buttons
controls this, but any adjustment you make doesn't have any effect
untill you press the `Function' key (or maybe you have to press and
hold it... I don't really remember).

So if you enter Pattern Write mode, find the pattern that's causing
you trouble, toy around with the `scale' lever and the `Function' key,
you should be alright, methinks.
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