Andrew Schrock aschrock at cs.brandeis.edu
Tue Jan 19 06:27:58 CET 1999

You can just take a potentiometer and hook the middle connector up to the
input (in series with a resistor, remember! Typically 100k to a summing 
opamp..) with the other connectors hooked up to +15v and -15v
respectively. Don't you do this already with the "tune" pot on the VCO? 

Also realize this doesn't help in scaling the unit at all... 


-| Andrew Schrock | aschrock at cs.brandeis.edu |-

On Mon, 18 Jan 1999, Reverend bluE wrote:

> thank you everybody for the help.  I am now the proud parent of a VCO!  I had
> two trannies hooked up wrong, and I was missing a bit of trace, but now, I get
> sounds from all the outputs.  
> Unfortunately, I don't have anything that outputs a CV and/or gate to test the
> 'VC' part of the 'O'.  Is there anyway that I can simulate a CV to see what
> happens?  What would happen if I connected a AA (1.5 volt) battery to the CV
> in?  I just got it working so I don't want to blow it away by doing something
> horrible...
> again, thanks to everyone!
> -ben

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