soundcard midi/joystick port adapter question

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Mon Jan 18 18:52:01 CET 1999

These are available all over, any of the larger music stores should have
them (e.g. I've bought them off the shelf at Sam Ash stores in both NY
and NJ). 
Try giving Sweetwater a call ( ) - I'm sure
they can hook you up with one for a good price, and they throw candies
into the box with the stuff they ship :)

- CList

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> Subject:	soundcard midi/joystick port adapter question
> i have an awe 64 with the standerd midi / joystick port,...
> where do i get the adapter that lets me plug it into midi devices like
> a tg33
> or a hs60 for instance or plug midi devices into it,... i have ytried
> music
> stores and computer stores no one seems to know where i would get such
> a
> creature i know what it looks like it has one end that plugs into the
> game
> port and one end that lets a standard midi cable plug into it (i
> immagine) 
> pweeeze help
> thanx
> shawn

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