Oscillator idea come's unstuck

BJ zzynt at swipnet.se
Sun Jan 17 10:19:33 CET 1999

jhaible wrote:

> Has anybody checked the signals on a 4046? Is the difference voltage
> between
> the two capacitor pins a true triangle or not ?
> JH.

Its not!
It seems that you have missed BJ's and Magnus Daniellsons discussions
on the 4046 pll!

Sorry to say, but the signals on each side of the cap is out of
phase and only a half period sawtoot.Therefore you can not get 
a true tri wave just by subtracting the waves.

What you get in a subtraction is a half the wave tri and half the wave

Looks like this:(well how about your gif proposal again?)

   /l      /l
  / l     / l
 /  l    /  l
/   l   /   l 
    l   l
    \   l
     \  l
      \ l

Difficult to do a asci of the wave!!
It looks like a "monster chain sawtooth wave" sort of.


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