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Michael Buchstaller buchi at dci.de
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>I just spent a lot of time going over several packages and Eagle was the one
>for me too...  EdWin is a close second but it seems to be more oriented
>towards large group efforts.
>MicroCode CircuitMaker and TraxMaker are cute but don't really have the full
>package.  They tout a built-in analog simulation and Spice capability but
>they only have +10 and +5 voltages, no +15 and NO -15!!!  Analog my
>patootie!  The manual states that these can be built but I don't see why I
>should have to build something as basic as this...
>Ivex is good but I liked Eagle better.
>I had also bought a copy of Tango PCB and Schematic capture at an auction
>but I got the package minus the dongle.  I called the company, told them the
>situation, told them that I had the original manuals, the original bill of
>sale to the parent company, the original disks and my bill of sale from the
>auctioneer.  I just needed the dongle and the older version of the software
>would be fine for my needs.  
>They told me that I had to upgrade to the current version to get a new
>dongle and that was about $1,400  -  I will not ever consider dealing with
>that company again...
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>> EAGLE PCB is the easiest and the best and has a full working demo
>> version.. wonderful software..
>> Rob
>	I agree, it's very intuitive and easy to lurn. It takes me
>	3 minutes to add an IC which is not in the libraries...
>	Unless you don't use the auto-router, it is perfect. This is
>	the one for homebrew projects.
>	Karl.

-Michael Buchstaller

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