AW: CA3046 exponential converter

BJ zzynt at
Tue Jan 5 05:48:48 CET 1999

Marjan wrote:

> Rogue uses 1 tranny heather method,2 for vco expos,1 for vcf,1 not
> used,2 100R
> tempcos for vcos
> Micro uses 2 for standard expo for vco, 1 for heater,1 for vcf and 1 for
> current source,temp trim for 56'C adjust
> Multi has 2 arrays for vcos, each: 2 for expo conv, 1 heater+temp trim,2
> unused
> Prodigy uses 2 for expo,1 unused,2 for sensor diode and heater (oven)
> and temp
> trim (also in Doepfer modular discrete vco)
> marjan

That means that none are using 3 TR's for expo, 1 TR for heater, and 1
TR as sensor TR?
As i have done in the tripple expo conv shemo at:

Does any one have any coments on the design please?

What would the use for tempco transistors in the Rouge be if it has a
heater (oven)???
None to my mind!!


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