ASM-1 on Album, Cover

Magnus Danielson magnus at
Sat Jan 2 04:57:46 CET 1999

>>>>> "JDM" == J D McEachin <jdm at> writes:

 JDM> I guess it was inevitable.  The band "Dweller At The Threshold" has used
 JDM> several ASM-1's on their new album, and even pictured them on the CD cover.
 JDM>  There's a picture at: , but
 JDM> it's difficult to make out (it helps if you know what Chris List's panels
 JDM> look like.

Well, I added a link to them from the ASM-1 homepage, it seemed so appropriate!

 JDM> If you like Tangerine Dream inspired electronic music, then you'll probably
 JDM> like their music.  Be sure to check out the realaudio clip.

Well, I do.


 JDM> PS I should probably warn you - I'm a friend of DAT member Dave Fulton, who
 JDM> sometimes posts to this list...

Good, now we know who to blame!

Could Dave maybe give any specifics?

Thanks for sharing this!


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