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Sean Costello costello at seanet.com
Thu Apr 29 08:31:12 CEST 1999

FENATIC at aol.com wrote:

> boy, ill be on waters side in any fight. hes a genius.  gilmour is just a
> greedy sleaze.  well maybe not a sleaze... but pink floyd ceased to exist
> without waters.

Pink Floyd ceased to exist without Syd Barrett, MAN!

I really don't think Roger Waters is that much of a genius. Pink Floyd
did go way downhill without him, but I think it went downhill after
"Dark Side," and certainly after "The Wall." "The Final Cut" just makes
me cringe. I just think that Waters became too interested in having
people think of him as being smart, which is not that great of a goal to
have IMHO. Started to listen to his brain to the exclusion of his heart,
or his hips, or his soul, or the drugs. (Same thing happened to Eno, as
far as I'm concerned).

On the other hand, he certainly got some nice sounds out of the Synthi.
Lots of great music is made by non-geniuses, or by complete bastards. So
many of my favorite musicians are just not that impressive of human

All of the above is totally my very opinionated opinion, of course.

Sean Costello

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