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Wed Apr 28 23:24:17 CEST 1999

On Wed, 28 Apr 1999 08:34:25 -0700 "Brigman, Corley"
<corley.brigman at intel.com> writes:
You can do a square with a 555 timer or digital circuitry 
>a regular sine + a way overdriven opamp), neither of those takes a 

**So can you use the same chip to generate the different waveform?

>whole lot
>of circuitry, and the sine doesn't have to be perfect if you do it 
>that way
>because anything above {a small amount} gets driven to rail anyway. To 
>triangle, just integrate with an op amp. Sawtooth I don't know as much
>but i think a multivibrator can do it (not a complex circuit). You do 
>worry about things like temperature compensation (if I play a C, will 
>be a C when it's 100 degrees inside the case? at 40 degrees?

**Back to the tuning problems.  So could you use a z80 for that?

I get a 
>note-on, which voice do I send it to? This isn't an easy problem. You 
>do it with a microprocessor, but they weren't invented until at least 
>end of the 60's, maybe even the 70's (i should know this), and it was 
>device, the 4004.

**Is it still around?  Tell me more about this guy...  and the 8088

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