CV/audio mixer for modular idea

Jim Patchell patchell at
Tue Apr 27 22:04:01 CEST 1999

    It sounds useful.  Is it unique enough to be commercially viable?  It
would be a great D.I.Y. project.  It would probably be a kit I would
purchase, depending on price.


John Blacet wrote:

> Here is an idea for a CV or audio mixer for modular application and I
> would appreciate any feedback!
> Serge seems to have the most amazing variety of these modules, while
> Doepfer has very little....
> The mixer has two sections. The top section is 3 in, 1 out with +/-
> control of each input (center off), so that the level and polarity (or
> phase in the case of audio signals) can be controlled. A variable +/-5V
> bias control is also present to add to the mix.
> This is all DC coupled, of course.
> The second section is a 1 in, 1 out version of the above.
> LEDs would be present on all inputs to show levels.
> I can see this in a 3U high by 1.5" W Blacet panel. Power supplies could
> be in the +/-12 to +/-15V range.
> Whatdyathink?
> Regards.
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