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Phillip L. Harbison alvitar at traveller.com
Sat Apr 24 21:56:54 CEST 1999

Charly wrote:
> can anyone recomend me a software (not DOS-based) for designing
> pcb's?

What is your preferred platform?  My home is a Microsoft-Free Zone(tm)
so I've spent some time looking for cheap ECAD software.  I've found
some packages that run on the Macintosh, but they are not cheap.  What
I'd really like is a cheap or free package that runs on UNIX.  I have
systems that run AIX, HPUX, and Solaris.  I would also be willing to
invest some money in a PC running Linux or FreeBSD if an inexpensive
ECAD product was available for those operating systems.

The following companies make ECAD software for the PowerMac.  Some
also offer a windoze version for the computing-impaired.

  Capilano Systems  http://www.capilano.com/html/index_PPC.shtml
  Douglas Electronics  http://www.douglas.com/
  Sage EDA Corporation  http://www.sage-eda.com/

If anyone knows of additional packages for the Mac, or packages that
run on any UNIX, Linux, or BSD platform, please let me know.  I will
even consider packages that run on DOS as long as it doesn't have to
be MSDOS.  DRDOS or OS/2 would be OK, I guess.

> i just want to re-draw existing schematics and the program should
> convert them so that i can etch platines.

I don't think I would trust an autorouter with an audio circuit.

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