wave scriber [was: Modern analogue ...]

Chris Stecker cstecker at ovenguard.com
Thu Apr 22 20:44:02 CEST 1999

Anyone check out the Buchla 248 "Multiple Arbitrary Function Generator"?
A very complex module.  It's a cross between multi-stage envelope
generator, CV sequencer and "wave scriber" as discussed in this thread.
Each stage has a slider (and voltage) controllable level and duration.
Plus lots of other stuff.  I never got a chance to work on any, but I can
get the schemos if anyone else is interested in borrowing some ideas from
this module.  I think there _might_ be some description at www.buchla.com,
but I'm not sure.

The module was such a complex beast, however, that few were made.  The same
principles showed up later, in the Buchla 400 and 700 Hybrid machines,
using software.

I'll be following this thread.


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