Synth diy Convention?

Paul Schreiber synth1 at
Wed Apr 21 14:47:24 CEST 1999

I think a better plan is pick a set of dates in the summer, and
have 5-10 local DIY gatherings. Everybody take pictures, record audio,
and I'll post the whole mess on my website.

Paul Schreiber

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Date: Wednesday, April 21, 1999 7:34 AM
Subject: Synth diy Convention?

>Message text written by "Paul Maddox"
>> This is ONLY a thought at the moment, please keep this is mind.
>  I have this stupid idea about organising a convention for people on
>this list, people could bring their synths and ideas and chat, maybe
>one or two could perform aswell..
>Hi Paul:
>I would attend if it was reasonably close to where I live, say Chicago or
>Milwaukee, but that is the main problem with this idea, the list members
>are spread out all over the planet.  How can you find one place that would
>be convenient to all, or many, or even a few?
>Terry Michaels

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