[Re: linear vs exp FM]

jh jhaible at primus-online.de
Tue Apr 20 09:49:14 CEST 1999

>The Rev2 P5 had like 80? trim pots. The Rev3 cut that to 40? I put trims in my
>P-mod section, 3 per voice. Pitched FM CAN be done. (now if I hadn't SOLD it,
>like a dork...).  If anyone ever sees a REV3 with delayed vibrato, homemade
>120 patches, digital noise source (damn that national chip!!!) and a big ass
>heatsink on the back, let me know. I wonder where my child is tonight. Harry

Pitched exponential FM ... not so much a problem for all voices staying in tune to
each other on my P5, but the overall tuning will change with different modulation depth.
It's something to be expected from theory, not an effect of miscalibration, I think.


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