AW: adsr and lfo abolish (Don goes off the deep end again) (LONG)

smerf reslabs at
Wed Apr 14 16:35:32 CEST 1999

Who gives a shit!!!  All I care about is how it all sounds to ME !! Get real!!! The molecules that make up your body are
composed of space-you don't really exist except for the word of GOD that put the "nothing"into motion. By the way, The word is
nothing but what we are all playing with in the audio range.
I'm leaving the list for a while. I really have enjoyed the info and insight into you major posters, but the re-hashing of
stuff and the personal wars have produced tooooo many things to delete. Love you ALL-I'll be back when I have more time.
                                                               Happy Synthing!!!

jbv wrote:

> Dr. Jörg Schmitz :
> > Sorry for that Blah blah, but i am an anatomical pathologist.
> Nobody's perfect... ;-) No seriously, your contribution was of the highest interest.
> >
> >
> > PS: What the brain does with these frequencies is a field of
> > neurophysiology. And very very very complex.
> >
> Sorry, not only. This is reductionism. What about psychology and sociology ?
> It's like saying that watching TV has only to do with watching rows of color pixels.
> Neurophysiology can tell you what parts of the brain process such and such information,
> but it will NEVER tell you anything about cultural / personal background and aesthetic choices, and other similar (and very
> complex) things.
> jbv

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