adsr and lfo abolish

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Sun Apr 11 20:37:53 CEST 1999

>From my readings (I think in an interview printed in EN) I get the feeling
that although Dr. Moog pretty much started the organ keyboard thing, he was
well aware that it was not the best controller for musical synthesis.
Especially for a monophonic analog module sound chain! He spoke of how much
information can come out of the hands and how little a keyboard can respond
to it. But alas, here we are....

- Gene

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>Martin Czech wrote:
>> Ok, it seems I did start a new thread.
>Thanks for starting this thread. A very interesting one. I have been
>thinking a lot about these questions in the last time.
>I've almost always been unhappy with my keyboards because of the lack of
>expression (I started playing keyboards about 25 years ago). I got a
>Yamaha WX5 MIDI Wind Controller last November because of this.
>> It was said that Moog's decision to use a keyboard was the key to

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