Moog STANDARDS ;-) in Star Trek

The Dark force of dance batzman at
Sun Apr 11 09:26:12 CEST 1999

Y-ellow Y'all.
	Ok. I got one. Not being all that much of a trekkie, but having seen
enough of it to be curious.

Is not that big Klingon guy, Warf, or Wharf or woof woof or what ever his
name is, a member of "the House of Moog"?

Do they spell it Moog or do they spell it some other way? I always burst
out laughing every time I hear them say that. I kinda expected to see an
episode with Warf in a family re-union. With flashing lights and getting
down on the dance floor with his clan. "yo' bad-ass ol' moog!" Hey didn't
Warf have a sister who was always drunk called Barf?

Or is Robert Moog actually a Klingon. Sent back in time to subvert the
minds of the young?

Be absolutely Icebox.

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