Pentatonic (was Octave and Fifth Quantizer)

Toby Paddock tpaddock at
Sat Apr 10 09:42:16 CEST 1999

I was thinking more of an alternative tuning scheme than 
picking notes on the standard keyboard.
Using some *eastern* type scaling, if that makes any sense.
I really don't know what I'm talking about here,
it's all just assumptions. But if there is an idiot
proof scale, I want one.

And I was thinking instead of switches, use copper
pads - each with a voltage on it - that you bang on
with a conductive mallet to pick off the voltages.

 - -- -  Toby

>> WeAreAs1 at said:
>>>...  it could be pentatonic scales or some other 
>>>idiot-proof mode, so all you'd have to do is hit 
>>>keys, and you'd get something musical ...

>>Toby Paddock said: 
>>This is EXACTLY something I've been thinking of 
>>doing for a long time.  Can someone point me to
>>some info on pentatonic scales?  Frequencies,
>>ratios, or formulas?

>J. Larry Hendry[SMTP:jlarryh at]
>Guitar players know the pentatonic scales well.  It allows them to be
>somewhat musical in leads without really know where it is going.  Take a
>standard major scale, skip the 4th and the 7th and you have pentatonic. 
>After you play with it for a while though you will grow weary of the lack
>of variety and real expressiveness in my opinion.
>Larry Hendry

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