ARP vs. Moog (nice title, innit?)

Paul Perry pfperry at
Sat Apr 10 04:53:43 CEST 1999

At 12:58 PM 9/04/99 -0400, Gene Zumchak  wrote:

>    Moog must have had a lousy lawyer.  Moog used the dual transistors
>for exponential from the very beginning, and he was out there a few years
>before ARP.  If ARP had patented it, how could it hold up if there was a
>product on the market already using it? 

Alan R Perlman wa designing transistor ckts many years befor the synth business.
And, he claims to have invented the Darlington connection befor Darlington,
but never bothered to patent it.... that would have hurt someone!

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