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Thu Apr 8 15:30:16 CEST 1999

I remember tha asshole, incidently, I left AH specificallly bvecause of
him...and a few others jut like him, but mostly him.
On Thu, 8 Apr 1999, Sean Costello wrote:

> Eric Barbour wrote:
> > Don't feel lonely---I've received similar treatment
> > from Paul Perry on Analogue Heaven. It seems that
> > both AH and DIY are overrun with a few infantile
> > egos. (in many cases, the SAME PEOPLE.)
> > 
> > PS: if any DIY users would like to see Mr. Perry's
> > verbal attack on my tube synth, and my response to him,
> > email to me directly.
> Actually, I wouldn't. I left AH a long time ago because of this kind of
> stuff.  As far as I'm concerned, leave this kind of stuff on Analog
> Heaven. This is Synth-DIY, and whatever happens on Analog Heaven, or in
> private email, or in the privacy of your own home or bedroom, is really
> none of my business.  
> It's weird to see such a flamewar break out on this list - especially
> since the people involved are otherwise so amazingly competent. 
> Sean Costello

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