Walsh Functions

neil.johnson at camcon.co.uk neil.johnson at camcon.co.uk
Tue Apr 6 10:12:27 CEST 1999

Scott (and all),

I've put a summary of Walsh function synthesis on my website
(http://members.xoom.com/Neil_Johnson/walsh.html) which could be of use.

Now that I've got access to LARGE FPGA (about 70,000 gates) devices I'm starting
to think about a hardware-platform for a Walsh synth.  Add a micro front-end to
handle all the messagey-type stuff, stick a DAC on the other end, and we're
starting to look like a Walsh synth.

Using a micro to do all the maths sounds like fun.  Especially the 6800.  Why
not try the more modern, and more powerful, 6809?  Doing the maths might be
slightly easier as it can do simple 16-bit maths directly, and has two 16-bit
index registers, gobs loads more indexing modes, etc etc.  If you're going to be
triggering off a VCO and if you're going to be using a reasonable number of
Walsh terms, eg. 31 (so the VCO is running 5 octaves up), you'll need to do the
maths pretty quickly.  Still, should be interesting!!!!!


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