Ideal VCO for mass production

Andrew Schrock aschrock at
Tue Apr 6 04:31:43 CEST 1999

In my mind a basic VCO would have the following: 

Inputs:	  c/v, PWM, sync, FM. 
Outputs:  saw, pulse. (possibly also tri and sine if no external
Pots: 	  Fine tune, Coarse tune, init. PW, PWM amount, FM amount. 

I have fit all of these sucessfully on 2 space fracrack for my ASM-1's
VCOs. It's a little tight, but definitely feasible. 

It would be nice to have multiple c/v inputs, possibly with attenuators,
but you can always use a little external mixer for that. Some tempcos 
would be nice.. I don't have anything against having to retune VCOs, but
it's so easy to implement nowadays I don't see why it wouldn't be
included. The VCO-2a was the last tomg VCO I put together, I think... 

As for modular VCOs currently in production, I am only really aware of
MOTM's, which of course is a top notch product which has simply amazing
specs. (speaking about currently available models) Doepfer has a "basic"
VCO, but their high-end one isn't available anymore because it uses
3340's. Who's in their R&D that the fact that this CEM chip is super-rare
slipped by them? 

> (not that that is likely, as i assume the demand for modular gear
> is still quite high!)

The demand for modular gear has _never_ been that high, especially 
compared to the sales of standard keyboards, primarily because modular
gear requires expert users which constitute a very slim percentage of the
market. If I'm greviously misinformed, feel free to jump on me. 


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