Roland EV-5 Pedal

J. Larry Hendry jlarryh at
Sun Apr 4 21:44:36 CEST 1999

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>> -- snip out a very infomative and thoughtful explanation -- <<

> As Juergen said, the Yamaha pedals feel very nice.  However, I disagree
> him about their ruggedness.  I've owned four of them (two of the FC5 and
> FC7), and I have already destroyed three of them from using them on live 
> gigs.  The metal footpads just bend and buckle, under my feet, at least. 

> (No, I don't stand on them, and I weigh in at just 145 pounds.  I sit
> while playing, but I play a lot of organ patches, so I keep my right foot
> a pedal almost all the time)  These same feet have been stomping on a
> of the "cheap fragile plastic" EV-5's for about 5 years, with no problems

> whatsoever.  They don't feel nearly as nice as those Yamaha pedals,
> Michael Bacich

	Thanks for the explanation.  However, I'm gonna go with JH and offer a
contrasting opinion.  I have used nothing but FC-7s on my gigs for years. 
I like the rubberized exterior and feel.  They work fine with Korg gear too
without modification for an expression pedal.  I sit on a tall stool and
always keep one foot on the pedal.  I have used these same two pedals for 8
years I know and have never had a failure.  and they don't make any noise
when they operate.  I love that part.

Since you have broken three, I have to ask you, "do you get speeding
tickets on a regular basis?"  <grin>  Just poking fun, of course.  I'm
actally amazed to hear that you have broken even one of these.

Larry Hendry

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