DIY standards II

Paul Schreiber synth1 at
Sun Apr 4 00:41:28 CEST 1999

Here is my 2 cents.

I spent 100's of hours in college building every Electronores circuit. I

I used VectorBoard #3677 which has sets of 3 or 4 pads connected with etch,
and 6 buss
lines running under the ICs. After a while, you get pretty good with layout
of the R and C's
to minimize jumpers. They were moderately expensive but they even and a
paper layout guide
you could jot in pencil beforehand.

Some, like jh, like "true" perf board and use tinned wire (cheap on 100'
spools for like $4). This
is too much work for me, but I'm sort of clumsy mechanically.

The MOTM-000 breadboard is a version of the 3677 sytle in the MOTM format
with 4 pot locations
and 16 uncomitted power busses. This is what I DIY on, I made up 75 "full
custom" for the price of
20 3677s from Allied or Newark.

Front panels are always an issue, especially if you like white ink on black
paint (sidebar: ever seen
WHITE ink for HP inkjets??!??!?) With cheap inkjets and even MS Word, you
can have cream/off-white
panels and have the ink jet print all the ledgends/graphics/etc very
accurately on good 6mil clear film.

Gads....I used to buy sheets of ChartPak rub-on letters and spend HOURS on
my DIY stuff.

As far as metal panels, I chose MOTM to be 19" EIA rack "friendly". The
panels are 5U tall and 1, 2, or 3U
wide. You need 'stringer bars' going across (see the MOTM-19A bars) but
these can be scrap bar stock.

Yes, I have blank panels pre-painted and 4 corner holes drilled.

Sadly, you need a drill press. I really don't see any way around it. MOTM
uses VERY thick 0.125 panels that
are PUNCHED with a special press. But 0.062, 6061-T6 temper alum is fine, or
0.090 for more rigid.

At A&M, I sweet-talked the Physics dept (traded computer work for shop time)
for drill press use.

Lastly, and I say this with all sweetnes: DO NOT waste time building a power
supply! DO NOT use 3 terminal
78xx for synthesizers. They are TOTAL CRAP!

Rather, save up $41 and buy a Power One model HAA15-0.8-A tested and LM723
based supply. Setup for
ANYWHERE in the world, AC wise. This is what is used on the MOTM-900 supply.

This will reduce crosstalk, noise and hours of frustration. The #1 most
STUPID thing I did trying to "save money"
was screwing around with power supplys. DON'T DO IT!!!

Paul Schreiber   <<<<looky here

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