resistor naming...

Fraser, Colin J Colin.Fraser at
Tue Mar 31 09:56:29 CEST 1998

It's not a typo - the unit is often used in place of the decimal point,
presumably to save space on schematics etc.

eg 2M2 = 2.2M
   4k7 = 4.7k

You might see it for other components than resistors too,

eg 4n7  = 4.7nF capacitor   

Colin f

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> Sorry if this seems lame or whatever but I am tired of 
> searching the web
> for info..
> What does 2M2 mean as a value for a resistor?  Is is 2.2M?   
> I have seen it
> in two separate places so I dont think it is a typo..
> Thanks for spreading the wealth..
> ~Steve

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