AW: SSM 2040 - part 2

Haible Juergen Juergen.Haible at
Mon Mar 30 14:47:27 CEST 1998

>  > Well, I think I'm going to give up on trying to find SSM 2040's
	> for anything less than a king's ransom ... But, I love the sound
	> of 'em!
	> I *vaguely* remember someone "duplicating" a 2040 with discrete
	> a while back (was that you, Jurgen?) that worked quite well... but
	>went through the
	> DIY archives, and couldn't find the post. So, I have this plea...
	>you are 
	> out there still and have the schematic, is there any possible way
	> send me a copy? I am very desperate here ....
	>					Thanks!!!!
	>						Duane Balvage

It's a good decision not to use 2040 chips for new developments (;->).
The sound is awsome, so it's worth building it from discrete components.
The only problem is selecting the transistors.

I have built a filter for my JH-4 polysynth, of which the 4-pole section is
based on the 2040. It's *not* a pin-for pin replacement of the chip, but
it has a slightly different CV section, and an interesting voltage
resonance feature added. But the gm cells and buffers should be very
accurate clones of the original 2040. And it definitely has "the sound".

Kevin, would you be so kind to add it to my page at synthfool?
I know I said I plan larger changes on the page, but who knows when
I will find the time. So maybe it would be the best to just make a simple
entry in my schematics section. Just call it "4pole filter based on a
SSM2040-clone" (to avoid misunderstanding with a pin-for-pin replacement)

Kevin, may I simply send you the picture (93k GIF) ?


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