VAST:Re: Paia midi2cv8

Laurikainen Tuukka Tuukka.Laurikainen at
Mon Mar 30 11:05:25 CEST 1998

>I have two in the rackmount case.  I have one set up for V/Oct and one
>V/Hz.  I replaced my tuning trimmers with multiturn pots for more accuracy.
> I am haing trouble with V2.0 firmware working with the V/Hz.  Version 1.0
>works fine with the V/Hz. and Version 2.0 works fine with the V/OCt.  But
>versionb 2.0 does not work right for me in the V/Hz.  If you are planning
>v/Hz, you might be concerned.  If you are going V/Oct, you will probably
>like it.  Instructions are great and it is well worth the price.

That would be ok then. It'll be only used for a V/Oct system (Roland 

 tuukka.laurikainen at

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