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To the best of my knowledge, you won't find any MIDI to CV convertor
schematics out there. That's because such devices by their very nature
require software to parse the MIDI data stream, so you need a
microprocessor, ROM, code, and all the other attendant overhead of a tiny
computer system. It's not something the average DIYer can build from

There are a couple kits for MIDI to CV, however - one by Paia and one by
Midwest Analog. I don't have the URLs handy (Paia's is easy -
http://www.paia.com) - a web search should turn up the other.

Good luck!

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On 3/29/98, at 5:11 PM, CDI wrote: 

>I am just starting a project at school and guess what, lads - it's
>supposed to be a modular!! First of all, I'd need some not extremelly
>hard schematics for MIDI/CV conversion - some good sites would be of
>help. I've tried browsing, and although I've found some things, I
>believe there is still something out there, that I couldn't find, and is
>just hidden behind a pile of useless thrash. Hopefully, some of you have
>found the right stuff. Since our primary interest is (or will be) the
>building of the oscillators, filters and envelopes, we don't really care
>about designing the MIDI/CV converter - what we need is something simple
>- maybe a single midi chanel converter to a CV and a trigger or
>something like that. Nothing extreme, we'd ust need that to sync our
>circuits to a sequencer. Well, hopefully you will be able to help me
>Thanks in advance,
>smilen dimitrov

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