Centre tapped pots

Tony Allgood oakley at enterprise.net
Sat Mar 28 18:31:08 CET 1998

Does anyone know of a manufacturer of a centre tapped pot? What I have in
mind is a 47K linear pot with a fourth pin that comes off the track half way
round. I might be able to hack an ordinary pot to give me this, but I may
damage the track. With such a beast I will be able to control the pulse
width of a VCO in the first part of the pots track manually, and then with
the other half of the track, one could control the depth of PWM from a
second VCO. The tap would have to be taken to ground. A centre-detent would
be cool as well. Any ideas?

Why not use another pot? Well I haven't got the space on my front panel...
and with such a pot the modification would be very easy.

Tony Allgood, Cumbria, UK

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