ICL8038 electronotes hack

Paul Perry pfperry at melbpc.org.au
Sat Mar 28 07:41:55 CET 1998

Gene Stopp once mentioned there is an EN ICL8038 audio osc
ckt where there is an exponential current run in to a 
'timing resistor point' or something.... unfortunately 
I dont have that issue & despite having ordered a full set of EN
at enormous (for me) expense, as I suspected they are very 
slooooooooow arriving here, I guess the local post just save 
everything for Xmas. So if any kind soul can elaborate that would 
be nice.
BTW I was complaining about osc feedthrough in a AD633 ring 
multiplier.... found if the input level of the osc is 4V (rails
+-15) that helps... also big caps on the power pins helps too.
Now the bleedthru is below the (not inconsiderable) noise level
and I am happy.

paul perry melbourne australia

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