trading user & service manuals (see my list)

raetta&quint raetta at
Sat Mar 28 05:28:35 CET 1998

I have these user & service manuals.
I would like to trade for other user, service manuals or patch tapes:

SH-101 service
MC-202 user & service
TB-303 user & service
TR-808 service
TR-909 user
TR-606 user & service
JP-6 user
JP-8 service
DJ-70 user & service
MKS-50 user
pg-300 user & midi guide
MKS-80 user
Juno 106 user manual and factory patch tape
Juno-60 factory patch tape
MSQ700 (sequencer) user
MSQ100 (sequencer) user
Digital Keyboards SYNERGY manual and schemes
Sequential Multitrak user & factory patch tape
Cheetah MS-6 user
Cheetah MD-16 user
Chroma Polaris user & service manuals
Moog Rogue user and service notes
Novation Bass Station BS-1 user
Boss SE-50 user
PAIA vocoder schematics assmbly. man.
Oberheim OB-8 user, service notes and engineering change papers & mods
Oberheim Matrix-6 user
Oberheim Matrix1000 user
Korg Poly-6 service
Korg MonoPoly service
OB-1 schematics
Matrix-6 user
Alesis MMT-8 user
Alesis HR-16 user
Korg Poly-800 factory patch tape
Roland SH3a service notes

I would like to trade for the following manuals:
TR808 USER manual
Sequential multi-trak and prophet-5 user and service
Korg MonoPoly user
Korg Poly6 user
Octave CAT service
Korg Trident
Quadraverb manual
SPX-90 manual
Yamaha TX81Z manuals, editor; anything
Korg service user & service for ms-10,20,50 & sq10
JP-6 service manuals
Ensoniq Mirage user & service
Boss SE70
Jupiter 8 user manual
cheetah ms6 service manual

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