Hazardous voltages

Magnus Danielson magnus at analogue.org
Sat Mar 28 00:41:02 CET 1998

>>>>> "ID" == Ingo Debus <debus at cww.de> writes:

 ID> Stopp,Gene wrote:
 >> 1. Use some kind of power switch to enable and disable your circuit
 >> under test, and keep you hand on it.
 >> 2. Wear eye protection and stand back.
 >> 3. Use a GFI outlet, as mentioned in a previous post.
 >> 4. Design your circuit using some kind of verified schematic, and make
 >> sure your polarities are correct.

 ID> 5. Never work with hazardous voltages when you are alone.

6. Use the old "one hand in the pocket" trick.

This is a great way to avoid a full arm-chest(heart)-arm chocks since
these can be leathal... it doesn't take much current to make the heart
go hiwire or worse, just stop pumping...

Try to remove direct contact points to any of the line or zero leads
and protect these well. Do propper connection of protection ground and

Make you and your gear stay alive longer!


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