Ring mod circuit

Eric at Svetlana Electron Devices svetengr at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 27 19:04:34 CET 1998

>Anyway,  while doing my therefix research, I came across this part in a
>Scottish transistor-based theremin called the "Mini Circuits SBL-1 mixer."
>It looks like a bridge rectifier sandwiched between two transformers.  The
>connections are labeled LO, RF, and IF.  How is this part different from a
>ring modulator??  Anyone know more about this part??

Mini-Circuits is a well-known manufacturer of small RF circuit
modules, including diode mixers. Their website is www.minicircuits.com.
They make lots of small mixer modules that are usable from DC into the
hundreds of MHz. And the diodes in them are pre-matched.

Eric Barbour
Svetlana Electron Devices
Portola Valley CA USA

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