ribbon controllers

John Blacet blacet at metro.net
Fri Mar 27 10:59:07 CET 1998

I'm sad to report that the ribbon controller deal is probably not going
to happen. The manufacturer was very pleasant but they really want $5000
to get serious. It took numerous phone calls and three weeks to finally
figure this out.

The good news is that they tell me that they will send out "1 or 2" free
samples to interested designers. You are "a prototype designer" aren't
you? It helps to have a company name and give yourself a title. Come
across professionally. The fellow I talked to is Paul Mc Farland. If you
get to talk to him, tell him John Blacet sent ya!

This is a US company but I'm sure they would sent stuff to Europe, etc.

The product is a "Soft Pot" made by Spectra Symbol in Utah. The samples
have a 4" active area; this is fine as I have used a 2" area before and
can't complain. They will also sell larger quantities at $11 each. These
samples have a lot of printed info on the face, but they are meant as

If any one knows of another company making a similar product, let me
know. Spectra Symbol did have a patent, but they tell me it has expired.


Hope this helps!
John Blacet
Blacet Research Music Electronics
blacet at metro.net

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