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Fri Mar 27 17:26:47 CET 1998

>>Parts needed:
>>Two (2) Stancor A-4713 driver transformer
>>Four (4) diodes GE45A or equivalent
>>Three (3) suitable jacks
>>One (1) mounting box
>surely any 4 matched diodes would do?
>why not use a quad tranny chip and just use the BE juncion?
>OK I know you'll get a bit of clipping, but hell it might sound cool!
>I have this down as a MUST build module when I get a chance.. Though
>I'll probably add driver opamps an inputs and output....

I had thought of building the same thing several years ago, and posted
about it to another list, where several EE's told me it was a very bad idea

I got the idea from a 1943 book on radio engineering.  I wanted to use four
germanium diodes and two small audio tranformers with opamp buffers very
much like you describe.  Now, I think I'll wait for the MOTM module --
anything to avoid etching a PCB.   I'll build anything as long as I can do
it point to point :)

Anyway,  while doing my therefix research, I came across this part in a
Scottish transistor-based theremin called the "Mini Circuits SBL-1 mixer."
It looks like a bridge rectifier sandwiched between two transformers.  The
connections are labeled LO, RF, and IF.  How is this part different from a
ring modulator??  Anyone know more about this part??

Check it out at:


Btw, which came first, the baseball diamond or the bridge rectifier?? :)


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