microsynth sliders BRAND NEW

dean stiglitz deknow at tiac.net
Fri Mar 27 16:45:30 CET 1998

hi all,

i have just purchased a bunch of BRAND NEW sliders for the eh
microsynth.  these are the same brand as the original with 2 minor
1.  the slider is taller than the original
2.  the taper is audio, not liniar

i have installed a new set in a borrowed unit, and it works great.  in
addition, i sold a new set to fred giannelli yesterday, and he reports
that the extra height of the sliders makes the unit easier to use, and
the change in taper is not a problem (i only noticed the differance by
measuring with a multimeter.)

these units are BRAND NEW, with extra mounting tabs (you must break them
off with pliers) and lubrication in the slider.  they solder directly
onto the microsynth pc board (3 pins).  these are 100k pots (other
values available if desired, but the stock microsynth uses all 100k),
and am selling them at $8.00 each.  instalation is also available if you
are interested.

deknow at deknow.com

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