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Fri Mar 27 08:28:39 CET 1998

Thank you, I didn't know they had a swedish branch. I will check them out. They 
are cheaper than Elfa for the SSM 2024 at least. But they don't stock the SSM 
2164 either...


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Subject: Re: SSM2164

> It is supposed to replace the SSM 2024, but my      
> electronics supplier ( only stock the SSM 2024.

Well, Elfa isn't the most well-stocked supplier in the world, not even
in Sweden :-> I've heard that Farnell ( will do mail
order - they do have a swedish branch, too - and they're a lot better
on both stock and prices.

For the actual question - No Idea. But since I have experience of Elfa
too (as any electronically inclined swede has) I thought I'd pass a
hint :-)
/Moxie (Will get a Farnell catalogue by April)

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