Simple VC Question

Paul Perry pfperry at
Fri Mar 27 01:01:32 CET 1998

At 12:57 PM 26/03/98 -0500, dan at wrote:

>I want to make a small enclosure with 8 potentiometers that send 0-5 v. -
probably powered by a wall wart., what exactly do you mean?

>Also, does anyone know of a source for a "Pitch Bend" pot - one that
returns to a median position.

....well I just got a few small games joysticks, although they are in a
moulded plastic case and not
dissembable easy, they are small enough to put in a nice wooden box....
ironically, I took off the centering
springs so they would stay in position!!! but I notice if you take off one
spring only, you can have a 
centre return pitch pot, plus a mod depth pot that stays in place! GOOD ONE!

paul perry melbourne australia

what cracks me up are these guys say I'm wasting my life on the net......
while they are watching TV!!!!!!!

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