R.G. Keen keen at austin.ibm.com
Thu Mar 26 22:47:42 CET 1998

>What kind of tone transfer sheets do you actually use? I have only
>used usual overhead transparencies (for photo copier/laser printer),
>and with these you always have to do some repairs after ironing.
>Has anybody actually tried these paper sheets by Dyna-Art
>(www.dynaart.com), sold by Digi-Key and Mouser? 

I have used 
 - overhead projection transparencies	
    usable, but you have to be desperate, lots of touchup, lots of 
    failed attempts to get a good transfer
 - Tec-200 clear transfer film
     Much better than overhead projection film, still a moderate
     number of touchups
 - Dyna Art water-release paper
     Very good, I get highly usable prints reliably down to 
     0.015" lines, only a few touchups, occasionally none
 - Techniks Press-N-Peel Blue
     Excellent, repeatable results. People with no PCB experience
     have told me that they use sheets I've printed and had success
     on their first try. I average 0 to 1 touchups per print, usually
     a cut where I used too much heat and adhered the sheet too 
     wide and the toner spread. I repeatably get 0.015" lines, have
     used lines as fine as 0.010". I regularly get one line between
     IC pads.

I recommend the blue Techniks sheets. A lot.

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