Syncable VCLFO

Magnus Danielson magnus at
Thu Mar 26 21:01:06 CET 1998

>>>>> "jb" == jorgen bergfors <jorgen.bergfors at> writes:

 jb> Does anybody have schematics for a voltage controlled low frequency oscillator 
 jb> that can be synced to the gate signal? That is, everytime you play a note, the 
 jb> triangle wave should start from zero, go upwards and the continue from that. I 
 jb> haven't seen this feature on any of the modulars around (Formant etc...). Of 
 jb> course, a free running mode should also be available.  Preferrably a sine wave 
 jb> output too.  

The VCO cursuit of the ASM-1 goes fairly low (something like 0.1 Hz, I
will check it properly), it is syncable and has CV... but it doesn't
have triangle or sine... for this you will need to use waveshapers
(see at the Synth-DIY page where Rick Jansen has a sawtooth to *

The ASM-1 VCO can be downtuned for lower frequency both with CV
trimmer and a capacitor change may move the upper and lower limits...
if that would become critical.


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