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Paul Maddox space_banana at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 26 18:25:00 CET 1998

Dear all,

>Yes...The problem comes in when one tries to locate these mysterious
>diodes, which if I remember correctly, were a specialized product used 
>old radio transmitters. If anyone finds them, please let me know.
>Best of luck...
>Parts needed:
>Two (2) Stancor A-4713 driver transformer
>Four (4) diodes GE45A or equivalent
>Three (3) suitable jacks
>One (1) mounting box

surely any 4 matched diodes would do?
why not use a quad tranny chip and just use the BE juncion?

OK I know you'll get a bit of clipping, but hell it might sound cool!
I have this down as a MUST build module when I get a chance.. Though 
I'll probably add driver opamps an inputs and output....



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