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>Analog Devices have a terrible reputation for dropping 
>old SSM chips which they inherited through taking over
>a company which had itself taken over the original SSM..
>They have produced their own range of SSM audio stuff eg
>microphone preamps but even here one was dropped and 
>caused a lot of industry trouble..... unless something
>has a good chance of being used in consumer type gear they
>dont want to know....
>paul perry whining in Melbourne Australlia

Yes, that's exactly why I am reluctant to use special purpose ICs at all. I 
definitely want to keep the number of such IC types to a minimum, so I can 
afford to keep spares. 
I thought the SSM 2024 might be versatile enough to standardize on. It might 
not be the best choice for a certain application, but it seems to be usable in 
a number of applications and it is fairly cheap, considering it has four CCAs.

Jorgen Bergfors

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