AW: Syncable VCLFO

Haible Juergen Juergen.Haible at
Thu Mar 26 14:01:39 CET 1998

	>Does anybody have schematics for a voltage controlled low frequency
	>that can be synced to the gate signal? That is, everytime you play
a note, the 
	>triangle wave should start from zero, go upwards and the continue
from that. I 
	>haven't seen this feature on any of the modulars around (Formant
etc...). Of 
	>course, a free running mode should also be available.  Preferrably
a sine wave 
	>output too.  

	Simply connect a transistor across the integration capacitor in your
	standard LFO, and give a short puse to the transistor base at the
	edge of the gate signal.
	The Korg Mono/Poly ha this feature on one of its LFOs.


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