ringmod schematic

John Speth johns at oei.com
Wed Mar 25 18:00:32 CET 1998

I just prototyped a ring mod design using an AD633 ("low cost" analog multiplier - cost me $6+) from Analog Devices.  I'll have to say, applying that device is as simple as it gets.  You could use it as is if you wanted a simple multiply function.  I found no trimmers are needed.  So when you figure in the cost of glue components for using OTAs and trimmers and such, the AD633 really is low cost.

But I wonder if the AD633 is actually the sonic answer to ring mod designs... I think we've come to accept the sonic imperfections (like distortion, etc) of classic ring mod sounds to add to a richer ring mod sound than the what the near perfect AD633 will give us.

John Speth
Object Engineering, Inc.
johns at oei.com

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Does anybody have a quick & easy schematic for a ring modulator? Hopefully
using just a few diodes, resistors, and a 3080 or 2? I've been on the 
lookout for one for a while, I'll make a design up this weekend if I can't
find one by then. 

I would like to whip up a few to add to some projects... but don't want to
go through too much trouble. Sorry if somebody answered this before, but I
couldn't find any info around. 


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