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Damien COHAS cohas at
Wed Mar 25 11:37:08 CET 1998

Hi everybody !!

I've just suscribed to this mailing list, as Thierry Rochebois advised me,  so
let me introduce myself !!!

My name is Damien, I'm 22, and I'm presently working on my "end of studies"
project which will validate my engineer diploma.
I've always been found of electronics, even if my studies have lead me to study
more automatics and robotics...
Moreover, I've always been impressed by the capabilities of synths, especially
modulars, and my musical reference is Jean Michel Jarre, because I found his
approach of synths and music very interesting.
I owm 2 synths and 1 expander (a Juno 1, a CS1x and a TX7) and what I want to
built is a sort of modular rack of analogue effects (as much as possible),
combining as much different effects as possible !! (phasing, chorus,etc..)

I've already built the Small Stone Issue J, and have had a few problems with it
, but the sound is already great !!

I hope you will help to find good schematics of analogue effects, LFO, etc, and
that your advises will enable me to build my rack !!! (because i'm not a
specialist of electronics, but I want to learn !!)

Hope to read you soon !

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