ASM MIDI help...

Steven Maietta SMAIET01 at
Tue Mar 24 19:33:54 CET 1998

Ok this goes out to all who have any MIDI knowledge:
   Can anyone here help me decide which MIDI/CV unit to use when I get
ASM up and running?  The PAIA is less expensive and a kit, but I have
that some people have had problems with these....
The JKJ is pricier but assembled and I have only read good things about 
The third one I am considering is theM.A.P. MTS-100 MIDI to Synth.  It
seems really limited though...
So any help on all this MIDI business would be greatly appreciated.  I
no experience with these things and need a little guidance....
If it is of any matter, I am using Chris List's faceplate, and would like
to build the MIDI/cv into a standard rack faceplate..
Thanks alot!!

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