Miscellaneous Stuff, 7815 vs 317

Ingo Debus debus at cww.de
Mon Mar 23 08:53:13 CET 1998

Martin Czech wrote:
> No temperature data for the
> 7815, but via experiment i found out <1%.

TI's data book says "temperature coefficient of output voltage" is
-1.0mV/°C typ (IO=5mA). This is 0.0067%/°C for 15V output.
For the uA723M it says 0.002%/°C typ and for the uA723C 0.003%/°C typ.
Maximum is 0.015%/°C for both 723s.
But the main issue is IMHO, the 7815 and 317 have the power transistor
on the same chip with the voltage reference, so temperature drift is
more critical.


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