3140s needed!!

Magnus Danielson magnus at analogue.org
Mon Mar 23 21:26:01 CET 1998

>>>>> "PS" == Paul Schreiber <synth1 at airmail.net> writes:

Hi Paul!

 PS> I need 4 DIP CA3140 op amps. Will trade for a CEM chip.

I had no trouble to find these just a year ago when I bougth
components for the ASM-1. I have heard no new that they are
down... are you getting desperate?

BTW. I DO have 4 DIP CA3140 (actually 8) but they are destined for the

If you really are desperate I could get some ordered for you but it
seems awkward to send the from Sweden to Texas/USA when you should be
able to get them locally, or have someone drained North America on them???

Have you called Harris Semiconductors?


I don't mind CEM chips but it seems just awkward... (but do send some
CEM chips if you can't get rid of them any other way ;)


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