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>The Buchla 208 module (often seen as part of the
>Music Easel) and the 259 complex oscillator both included this
>capability. The timbre modulation level is voltage controllable. An
>abbreviated explanation follows: As the TM control voltage is increased
>the oscillator wave shape changes from a sine wave into a more complex
>wave in that the waveform starts folding over onto itself again and
>again, maybe 10 or more foldovers in the same wave period at the maximum
>CV. The acoustic effect is somewhat like a combination of filtering and
>phasing. The TM circuitry is physically implemented as a master VCO with
>a hard synchronized slave VCO. As I recall, the TM is voltage controlled
>by adding the control voltage to the slave oscillator so that it
>produces more cycles per master oscillator cycle. As a further
>implementation detail, the slave VCO is implemented as a through zero FM
>Dan Slater (dslater at ix.netcom.com)

Does any one have any data and or schematics for the 208 and the 259? As
Dan's description has left me hungry for more information.

The Formant 2  data at Anders site or the DIY schematic archeive shows
as simple wave folding device which can be adapted for total voltage
control.  It also sounds good and has a low parts count.



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