DIN Sync24:welcome

Antonio Guerrieri ga026sci at pzuniv.unibas.it
Sat Mar 21 00:13:07 CET 1998

	John Tuffen wrote:

>On the recent subject of the MIDI/DinSync conversion, I have recently
>started looking at PIC microcontrollers with a view to updating (and
>simplifying) my MIDI circuits (see http://www.york.ac.uk/~jat5/mididin/
>for the old versions - no longer supported!! )
>Anyway, first PIC project is a MIDI-Sync24 box - hopefully to be completed
>over the weekend.
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>--[jat5 at york.ac.uk]-----------------[http://www.york.ac.uk/~jat5/]--

	Hi John,

	your new project is really welcomed!!!!!!!
Really many guys as me would like to din sync that x0x machines to their
MIDI sequencer so.....
Whenever I own some electonics knowledge in my mind, unfortunately up to
now I haven't realised a device of this kind whenever your MIDI circuits
can be considered a really good start point for further projects, ... but
so busy with my work... I have just time sometimes to play my music;
anyway, please, I hope you can consider the following suggestions for your
PIC microcontroller:

a) the possibility to slow down by several integer factors the clock rate
you send to the drum machine with respect to MIDI clock (as Doepfer MIDI
SYNC does);

b) the start/stop/continue/tap mode possibility: such possibility is in the
following expressed for the continue mode (as suggested by some Nulogic
If you read the manuals for TR-606 for example you will not find any about
for this operation. Anyway, this is the idea: when the stop signal is sent
by the MIDI sequencer, the RUN-pin of DYN SYNC should be not electrically
set to the stop-level (0V), but still held at the run-level (5V), the only
thing happening is that the MIDI-clock is stopped from being sent (in the
TR-606..). Stopping again in the MIDI-sequencer, the run-pin will now be
release to the low-level.  Start the sequencer in this state will obviously
restart the drum machine from the start. However, in the previous state,
i.e. sending the MIDI stop only one time, the drum machine will re-start
from exactly the position it was stopped, since the run-pin actually has
been high all time.
Song-position pointer can be the MIDI-message you can use to get
information about how many times the stop button has been pressed, since
MIDI-stop is not sent the second time the MIDI-sequencers stop button (for
example in Cubase) is pressed. But the song position pointer changes and
thats the information it can be used.

In the same way you can decide to switch between Start/Stop or Continue
Mode,similarly interesting should be the use of other commands such as the
Tap button or some others (I really do not remember in this moment) to
immediately restart the drum pattern from the beginning or to jump directly
to next programmed pattern and so on....

	I strongly hope you can consider some of my suggestions or
eventually discuss about them.

	Best regards,


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